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Best Actor Nomination

Kristian was nominated for Best Actor for his portrayal of Charlie in Stephen Masicotte’s Mary’s Wedding. He was a top three finalist.

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Charlotte’s Web Interview

“Part of my decision to do children’s theater is to pass down awe. Kids are becoming more reliant on screens for entertainment — iPads and games and TV — I think it’s really important to have live theater and for them to see real people in front of them…to appreciate the wonder of that.”

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Sixty Miles to Silver Lake: Review

“As the young passenger, Sorensen is just terrific. He’s compelled to play iterations of Denny from about 10 years old to about 17, and he makes each voicing stick with his nuanced performance. There are so many moments he hits squarely on the head. Sorensen…can mix outrage and affection on his face with careful calibration. When given an earnest but somewhat clunky compliment, Denny’s aghast expression visibly melts to something warmer.”